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Air Filter

in Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Type: sell

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  • Air Filter
  • Boegger is a professional company in production of various types and materials of mesh filters. The metal filters are mainly designed from three kinds of materials: woven mesh cloth, stainless steel mesh and […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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In addition to hydraulic oil filter, we also manufacture air filter for various applications. Designed with high precision, the air filters we offered are fabricated using high grade raw materials and advanced technologies to ensure their high resistance to corrosion, humidity and other wears and tears. Due to made from fine stainless steel 304 mesh and washable filter cloth, it is efficient enough to filter out the foreign particles which are highly abrasive causing damage to engine and leading to more fuel consumption.


  • Material: super fine stainless steel 304 wire mesh, washable filter cloth, rubber neck.
  • Color: grey, blue, red, green, yellow, purple.
  • Filter precision: 1 - 300 μm.
  • Filter efficiency: ≥95%.
  • Working pressure: 30 Mpa.
  • Working temperature: ≤600°C.
An air filter made of stainless steel wire mesh.

AF-01: Air filter made of stainless steel wire mesh.

Various shapes of air filters painted in red color.

AF-02: Air filters can be made of different shapes.

Two air filters made of fine woven black wire cloth.

AF-03: Air filter made of black wire cloth.

An air filter made of stainless steel mesh painted in red color.

AF-04: Air filter in red color.


  • Durable and extra lightweight.
  • Super fine pattern to filter the small particles.
  • Withstand high temperature.
  • Great dirty holding capacity.
  • Excellent permeability.
  • High precision and reliable standard specification.
  • High porosity makes it low pressure drop.
  • Repeatedly and easy cleanable.


  • Automobile and motorcycle engine.
  • Molding engineering industry.
  • Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Oxygen or nitrogen gas.
  • Oil or gas compressors.
  • Oil Filtration.

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