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AGFA M-Press Leopard Industrial Flatbed Inkjet Press

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  • AGFA M-Press Leopard Industrial Flatbed Inkjet Press
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AGFA M-Press Leopard Industrial Flatbed Inkjet Press

The revolutionary :M-Press LEOPARD flatbed inkjet press has been co-developed by Thieme and Agfa in response to customer demand for economical, low to medium run-length digital printing.

The manual loaded :M-Press LEOPARD flatbed inkjet press offers a combination of high-quality prints and a wide variety of substrate possibilities.

The :M-Press LEOPARD is built on a Thieme screen printing press base it is a robust industrial digital printing press of the highest build quality. The LEOPARD holds a print-shuttle with 64 new variable dot-size Agfa UPH2 grayscale print-heads, using pagewide print array technology, and utilizing Agfa's own Anuvia UV ink.

Every material is possible 
:M-Press TIGER and LEOPARD deliver top quality prints for all indoor and outdoor applications, and handles a wide variety of substrates with ease. Backlit material, paper, self adhesive vinyl, fluted display board, metal plates, corrugated board, PVC and much more.

Flatbed for accurate and flawless printing Automated Vacuum Zones

The :M-Press LEOPARD's flatbed has 55 different vacuum zones clearly engraved in the table surface which aids taping for material of an unusual size. This state-of-the art vacuum system holds the substrate flat and in register for accurate printing.

Register pins for the highest accuracy

On the LEOPARD we have installed no less than 29 retractable register pins located all around the bed. They will assist in positioning your substrates correctly and consistently, especially when printing doublesided.
Heavier material (up to 5 cm thick) can be easily positioned to the back of the flatbed.

Vibe integration

:Apogee Vibe is a workflow software which adds variable data elements to an existing PDF file and is specifically tailored to Packaging and POP markets. The variable data elements are produced only at the very last moment before the printing process, which drastically reduces pre-press time when generating the variable data, and keeps RIP time and data volume to the absolute minimum. Add value to your output with no loss of productivity.

Grayscale technology for superior print quality

64 grayscale drop-on-demand variable drop piezo print heads. Drop size varies between 10pl and 26 pl. The small drops deliver pin sharp text and line art. The larger drops give excellent image saturation. Delivers much smoother prints. Gets you stronger reduction of brush effect without losing colour.

Digital printing with the :M-Press TIGER or the :M-Press LEOPARD is more costeffective than multicolour screen printing for short, medium and now even some long runs.

With virtually no set-up time, the :M-Press LEOPARD has the same effective output, for the majority of runlengths, common in the screen printing industry,. With a similar turnaround time per job, but at a lower cost and higher quality. :M-Press presses don't need screens for CMYK and they use about 25% of the ink laydown to achieve the same full colour gamut. Productivity and effective print speed may vary according to your :M-Press configuration and substrates used. For an exact calculation, please contact your nearest Agfa Graphics or Thieme representative.


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