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  • Adrenaline
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Chinese alias:adrenaline,epinephrine,A,E
CAS number:51-42-3
Molecular weight:183.21
Molecular formula:C9H13NO3
Boiling point: 413.1 at C 760 mmHg
Flash point: 207.9 ~ C
steam pressure: at 1.45E-07mmHg 25 C
storage: shading, decompression and sealing, in a cool place.
use: mainly used for bronchial asthma and allergic shock, cardiac arrest rescue dangerous mark
This product is (R) -4-[2- (dimethylamino) -1- hydroxy ethyl]-1,2- hydroquinone. According to the dry goods, including C9H13NO3 shall not be less than 98.5%.
This product is a white or white crystalline powder; has no odor, taste bitter, and is exposed to air or by sunlight,
Easily oxidized; unstable in neutral or alkaline aqueous solution; the saturated water solution is weakly alkaline.
This product is soluble in water, ethanol, chloroform, ether, in fatty oil or essential oil insoluble in inorganic acid or hydrogen;
Soluble in alkali solution, insoluble in ammonia solution or alkali solution.
The melting point of this product melting point (Annex VI C) is 206 to 212 DEG C, melting and decomposition.
The specific rotation to take this product, precision said, adding hydrochloric acid solution (9, 200) dissolved and diluted into each 1ml contains quantitative
The solution of 20mg, according to the determination of (Annex VI E), the specific rotation of 50.0 DEG to 53.5 degrees.
[identification] (1) the product is about 2mg, and the hydrochloric acid solution (9 to 1000) 2 to 3 drops, add water 2ml and
1 drops of ferric chloride TS, which was green; and 1 drops of ammonia solution, which becomes purple, finally turns purple red.
(2) take this product 10mg, adding hydrochloric acid solution (9, 1000) dissolved in 2ml, add 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide solution, boiling,
That is to show blood red.
[check] clarity and color of the solution from solution under examination than rotation, should be clear and colorless; such as color,and the same volume of the control liquid (yellow 3 standard than the color liquid or orange red 2 standard than the color liquid 5ml 5ml)
Compare (Appendix A first law), shall not be deeper.
Ketone bodies take this product, add hydrochloric acid solution (9, 2000) made of solution containing 2.0mg per 1ml, by Spectrophotometry

Method (Appendix IV A), at the wavelength of 310nm, the absorption is not over 0.05.
Dry weight loss to take this product, the P2O5 in the dryer, vacuum drying for 18 hours, lost weight not too
1% (Appendix VIII L).
The burn residue shall not exceed 0.1% (Appendix VIII N).
[content] this product is about 0.15g, precision said, 10ml of glacial acetic acid, shaking, and crystallization
1 drops of purple indicator, with a high acid solution (0.1mol/L) titration, to the solution of the blue and green, and the results of the titration
Blank test correction. Each 1ml perchlorate (0.1mol/L) is equivalent to C9H13NO3 of 18.32mg.

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