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Adapter Sleeves

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  • Adapter Sleeves
Adapter Sleeves Adapter Sleeves
  • A. Nairsons Industries (India) was founded in 1968 in Ludhiana. Over the years, the company has become a leading manufacturer of KT (KING TIGER) brand of engineering components. We manufacture a wide range of […]

 Country Of Origin: India Certifications and Awards: DIN EN ISO,D&B
H: Bore size : 17mm to 500mm
HE: Bore size inch : 5/8" to 8"
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Adapter sleeves are axially slotted sleeve with cylindrical bore, tapered outside surface and male screw thread at small end used with locknut and lock washer for mounting of bearings with tapered bore on cylindrical outside surface of shaft. 

It is also call pull-type sleeve. Adapter sleeves are the most commonly used components for locating bearings with a tapered bore onto a cylindrical seat as they can be used on smooth or stepped shafts. They are easy to mount and require no additional location on the shaft. When adapter sleeves used on smooth shafts, the bearing can be located at any position on the shaft. When used on stepped shafts, together with an abutment ring, bearings can be accurately positioned axially and bearing dismounting is facilitated.


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