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ABRASION TESTER 66 – Branca Idealair

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  • ABRASION TESTER 66 – Branca Idealair
ABRASION TESTER 66 – Branca Idealair ABRASION TESTER 66 – Branca Idealair ABRASION TESTER 66 – Branca Idealair
  • Leader in Precision air conditioning systems for Laboratories and metrological room …

    Since 1932 S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR s.a.s. is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing precision air conditioning units […]

 Capacity: 10  Pieces per Year
 Country Of Origin: Italy Certifications and Awards: UNI 7858, ASTM-D-59T, ASTM D4157-13
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The instrument "ABRASION TESTER 66" is used to perform analysis of the abrasion resistances according to the norm UNI 7858 and pilling of fabrics or other materials according to the norm ASTM-D-59T.

Bristle and nylon brushes, abrasive cloth or fabric are employed as abrasive holder, according to the kind of tests required for abrasion testing. For pilling test use fabric only.
Continuous and / or alternated rotation in the clockwise and counter-clockwise running directions, with starting and stopping times scheduled, this to avoid orientation sample fibres in only one direction and simulate working conditions more closely.
The vertical position of the system allows the falling down of most abraded material so that tested sample surface results not influenced.
A device is fitted to maintain the fabric in tension automatically if sample stretch out.
Abrasive assessment is made by dynamometric test between abraded and no abraded strips, appearance, loss in weight, thickness and by number of “pills” per unit area.

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