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99% sunifiram DM-235 Nootropic Pramiracetam

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  • 99% sunifiram DM-235 Nootropic Pramiracetam
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 Country Of Origin: Bangladesh Certifications and Awards: 99% sunifiram DM-235 Nootropic Pramiracetam
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99% sunifiram DM-235 Nootropic Pramiracetam
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1.Place of Origin: China
2.CAS No.: 314728-85-3
3.EINECS: 219-034-4
4.Molecular Formula: C14H18N2O2
5.Assay: 99%
6.Molecular Weight: 246.30492
7.Appearance: Off-white to white crystalline powder.

Sunifiram (DM-235) is a piperazine derived ampakine drug which acts as a positive allosteric modulator of AMPA receptors, and has nootropic effects in animal studies with significantly higher potency than piracetam. A number of related compounds are known, the best known being unifiram (DM-232).

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