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2. CARGO INSPECTION – QUALITY CONTROL – TESTING – CERTIFICATION (for goods – products, foods, cargo, commodity)

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  • 2.	CARGO INSPECTION – QUALITY CONTROL – TESTING – CERTIFICATION (for goods – products, foods, cargo, commodity)
2.	CARGO INSPECTION – QUALITY CONTROL – TESTING – CERTIFICATION (for goods – products, foods, cargo, commodity) 2.	CARGO INSPECTION – QUALITY CONTROL – TESTING – CERTIFICATION (for goods – products, foods, cargo, commodity) 2.	CARGO INSPECTION – QUALITY CONTROL – TESTING – CERTIFICATION (for goods – products, foods, cargo, commodity) 2.	CARGO INSPECTION – QUALITY CONTROL – TESTING – CERTIFICATION (for goods – products, foods, cargo, commodity)
 Certifications and Awards: AIM Control is Third Party Inspection in providing commodity inspection services, marine survey and consultant, tally, P&I Correspondents, insured cargo and marine claim investigation & adjusting, diving works and underwater hull cleaning, vendor expediting and mechanical inspection services, testing, quality control, certification, independent surveyors and inspectors based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries. Our Local Email:,, cell: +84903615612.
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  1. CARGO INSPECTION – QUALITY CONTROL – TESTING – CERTIFICATION (for goods – products, foods, cargo, commodity)

Inspection control – survey to products, goods, cargo

Inspection Services

Quality control inspection Services

Third Party Inspection services

Inspection – survey – audit to Factory, Mill

Inspection – survey – audit to Simple Factory

Inspection – survey audit to Extensive Factory

Inspection – survey to First Article

Pre Production Inspection services

During Production Inspection/Survey

Production Monitoring / Supervision

Final Production Random Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection services

Product inspection services in AQL standards

Synchronism inspection services

Quality assurance services

Quality inspection services

Inspection quality services

Inspection quantity services

Factory Audit services

Agricultural products inspection

Corporate Social Audit Inspection

C-TPIT Audit Inspection/Survey

Defect Sorting Services

Witness to the production

Inspection & supervision of goods loading/discharging

Tally of quantity

Testing of products & materials lab analysis aim to identify brand name, component

Inspection of weight, quantity, condition, quality, dimension, packing, marking & export / import cargo / tally

Testing – analysis in lab.

Damage survey

Certification services


AIMControlGroup.Com also furnish the related Commodity cargoes inspected and tested, namely:

Petroleum Cargoes Inspections 

Petro-Chemical Cargoes Inspections  

Agricultural Cargoes Inspections 

Minerals Inspections and Surveying 

Liquid Storage Terminal Services

Cargoes Additive Treatment Services 

Cargo Additive Treatment

Exported Cargoes inspections

Imported Cargoes Services 

Transported cargoes inspections 

Global cargoes Marine Services

Marine and Cargoes Insurance Inspection services 

Stockpile Measurement Services by Laser Survey 

Other cargoes inspections

Claim Cargoes Inspections

Examples of one of scopes of cargo inspection descriptions


Cargo inspectors and/or surveyors examine cargo description from shipping documents and select containers or vessels, ships to inspect, before delivery. These inspectors or surveyors then ensure that the cargo matches the description in the documentation as such specification of cargoes. When wrongly rated cargoes/containers or vessels, ships are identify and found in unsuitable condition and different from/to indented use, the consultancies of inspectors and surveyors to concerning parties to implement Corrective Actions amount and hold the containers, vessels or ships  until the correct corrective actions implemented appropriately. This service helps provide a level playing field for all customers. An executive from a major ocean carrier remarked that "cargo inspection services are worth to saves the trade millions of dollars"


Cargo Inspectors and surveyors measure cargoes for accurate dimensions (specifications about raw material, packaging, cargoes). The aim is to provide a neutral measurement result that all concerning parties can agree on. These inspectors usually sampling of cargoes to test quality and items at a standard laboratory before the vessel loads, unloads and report the results to the carrier for their follow-up.


Cargo Quality Control plays a more important role which may not be discharged if there is any damage, or import control on your  suppliers. Our inspectors would assure that the quality and count ordered by you is arriving safely in the port of discharge. After approval is received by local authorities we would open your vessel, container, check its contents for quantity, size and quality, and if everything is in line with your order the container will be released to the final destination. If your suppliers did not follow your instructions we would hold the container pending your further instructions.


We also provide cargo surveys relating to damages occurring during transportation. Our principals here include insurance companies, underwriters and P&I Clubs. In these surveys we analyse the cause of the damage as well as the liability, extent of damage &/or loss. Particular attention is also given to the packing condition and stowage in containers, vessel’s holds.

Other services offered include investigation of theft, recovery actions where applicable, estimated and damage evaluation for yachts and other boats, and finally the act of loss-prevention, meaning a pre-shipment assistance or attendance with the aim to reduce losses and damages.


We also provide auditors to audit cargo suppliers with main content of as followings:

Policy and objectives audits

Organization structure audits

Focus on the customer audits

Management review and audit

HACCP system audits

HACCP team audits

HACCP analysis audits (consisting of identification of the indented, construct flow diagram, on-site confirmation of flow diagram, conduct hazard analysis, relevant & critical control point and establish CCP limits audits, document and corrective actions audits)

Quality management of system audits

Human recourse audits

Facilities audits

Process control audits

Occupation safety, health and environment audits






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