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100% Polyester Ring Spun Yarn

in 100% Polyester Yarn, Type: sell

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  • 100% Polyester Ring Spun Yarn
  • We are sourcing agents from Pakistan. We are dealing in Fabrics, Towel, Polyester POY, DTY & FDY in RW & doped dyed yarns, we also deal in 100% Polyester Spun Yarn, Viscose, Rayon and 100% Cotton & blended too […]

 Country Of Origin: Indonesia
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100% Polyester Ring Spun Yarn NE 10 to NE 40

Outstanding Features

1) superior strength, good abrasion-resistant and chemical resistance;

2) after dyeing: perfect glossy luster, excellent lubricity, low water shrinkage, few knots;

3) after dyeing: high color fastness to abrasion, washing, sunlight, perspiration and sublimation;

4) good rotting proof;

5) applicable for high-speed sewing, etc


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