Why Tradescraper?

Networking, E-Commerce and Analytics for B2B Enterprises.


User Interaction & Engagement.

B2b marketplaces are web 1.0 trade directories where you only upload your products and wait for buyers to find them.

Tradescraper is a web 2.0 trade networking platform where our users have the ability to interact with each other by sending messages, connecting, sharing updates, chatting, getting introduced to others and many more. At tradescraper users can search for buyers or products that are on demand and start interacting with them. Lastly our users have all their connections, partners, and customers in one place making it easy to engage with them and excel in international trade.

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Your Products, Company & Profile will never be buried in some page.

At traditional B2B marketplaces your products and company are listed below all the premium users and in some page where the possibility to be found by a buyer is very low.

At tradescraper every search is different for every user, because the results are filtered by the network of the user who performs the search. In that way you will be always at the top of the results for users who are in your network and as you expanding your network you will be performing better in searches. Our search algorithms are giving the ability to users to be easily found, expand internationally and not be buried because they are not paying or are not using our platform for many years as traditional B2B marketplaces do.

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Use your Network to Reduce the trade risk.

The number one risk in international chain is the possibility of a trade fraud. You dont know the supplier or the product's quility. 

At tradescraper you can use your network to evaluate, verify suppliers and reduce your trade risk. At every profile, company, product and search result there are connection helpers that show you how you are connected to the person, company or supplier of the product giving you the ability to take further information from your network about suppliers and verify them through your network. Also with our reviews system you have always the ability to choose with whom you share a supplier’s review defending your competitive advantage and not be afraid if a competitor finds it. In that way you can take evaluations from your network which puts you way ahead in the game.


Never miss anything important.

At B2B Marketplaces in order to find important information you must search it. That means if you want to find discounts, buying leads, new products, company documents and more valuable information, you must dedicate time and effort in searching for it.

At Tradescraper you have all the important information in front of you and in real time. At your home page you can see all the buy leads, buying requirements, sell leads that are related to your products and business category. You have access to important industry news from our editorial team and partners. Everything important from your network will be shown in real time at your activity stream. That means that you will always be notified for new products, buying request, network updates, news and documents from following companies and many more. In that way you are putting effort in selling and buying and not in searching anymore.


Improve your performance with analytics.

At B2B marketplaces there are not analytics and reports because there is not tracking at all.

At Tradescraper we have a corporate value: You can’t improve what you can’t measure. That is why we have developed analytics that help you find, understand and engage with your target groups and audience. Analyze your engagement with your connections, partners, and customers. Monitor your online presence and reputation by analyzing your brand awareness. Improve your performance by analyzing your sales and purchasing channels and evaluate the performance of your company’s selling and buying departments.


Super Targeted & free Matchmaking.

Most B2B marketplaces do not provide matchmaking between buyers-sellers and some marketplaces that provide this feature; there is always a fee behind it.

At Tradescraper we have algorithms that automatically do matchmaking on users super targeted and free. At every page there are widgets with things that you may be interested based on your network, products and business category. In that way you can find related buyers for your products or related suppliers for your company, people you may want to connect, companies you may want to follow, and groups of discussions you may want to join.


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