About Us

Tradescraper is a professional network platform for B2B e-Commerce that helps companies at three major areas:

Sales & Exports Increase

Supplier Evaluation

Analytics & Reports

Bring the trade operations on cloud

Our goal is to bring the way professionals doing business in global trade, online and to utilize the power of social networking and their skills, to provide more useful services to trade professionals. We believe that the people are the ones who do the business. Based on this principle, we have created a platform where the employees and executives of companies, who are involved in international business, utilize their networks and skills in order to advance their sales, make more exports, find and review suppliers, manufacturers and other companies. They can also establish new partnerships, be part of communities with same interests, and start or participate in discussions that concern them.

A platform that helps the professionals engage and communicate with more value with their partners, leads and customers

A platform that helps companies advance their reputation and brand awareness and provide real time updates, and reduce the time needed in conducting business.


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